February 10, 2016
by admin

Temporary heaven

Sleeplessness, also know as insomnia is a big issue for many people. Imagine having to attend an important meeting tomorrow. After some intense preparation you decide to go to bed early to have some extra energy for the day. At 10 pm you turn the lights off and try to get some sleep. Unfortunately you can’t seem to relax and let go of your thoughts about tomorrow. You start hearing every tiny

noise around the house and your mind is doing overtime. Before you know it it’s 12 pm and you really have to get some sleep now. You try and try but the simple thought of not being able to sleep is the exact thing that’s keeping you awake.


Risky solutions

Most of us have experienced something somewhat similar to the situation described above. But some people suffer from this permanently. Every day these people have trouble even falling asleep at all. A select group may only sleep once or twice a week. Luckily the pharmaceutical industry is a commercial business and when there’s a demand companies are willing to fulfill it. Many types of drugs like Eszopiclone, Zolpidem, Zaleplon and Triazolam were created to help those who suffer from insomnia fall asleep.

Most sleeping pills can be acquired without a doctor’s prescription. Besides the fact that this is of course very convenient this also means that the person who takes the drug regulates the amount of intake. Unfortunately sleeping pills can be very addictive and affect your health. Side effects like difficulty keeping balance, headaches and depression are common. Besides, sleeping pills are not a permanent solution for the problem. People who suffer from insomnia will be able to sleep for a night but afterwards the patient will return to the initial condition of not being able to sleep without help.

Time for change

Does this mean we should ban sleeping pills? Absolutely not. Sleeping pills are a way for some of us to get some badly needed sleep. The only thing that needs to change is the regulation of the intake. This should NOT be the patient’s responsibility. This means that the drugs should only be provided in case of a doctor’s prescription. This way addictions can be prevented and serious health issues won’t occur. Surely… a bartender shouldn’t be an alcoholic!


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